Brooke: Understanding and Optimising Your Body

June 19, 2016

Each of us have our own body and movement patterns. As I'm seeing clients and describing the patterns that have led to their symptoms, I'm often asked "how did this happen"?


Typically there are three main factors: trauma, posture, and biomechanics:
Trauma: an external force causing injury or dysfunction.
Posture: how we sit, stand or lie down.
Biomechanics: transferring, bending, reaching, lifting or walking.

While sometimes it may be a single cause, issues are often the result of a combination of these structural factors, which if unaddressed, can lead to soft tissue imbalances over time.

Our modern sedentary lifestyle plays a part as well. We're seeing issues that are indicative of our lack of movement and exercising, coupled with the amount of time we spend sitting in one position. The two most obvious body patterns I see resulting from this are flexion and rotation, which tend to manifest in the following body areas:


Flexion ­

Lower Back
­Mid Back / Rib Cage / Shoulder Blades
­Upper Back / Neck

Rotation ­

Feet / Ankles / Knees / Hips
­Rib Cage
­Whole Spine

Once a client understands their body pattern, the next question is "what can I/we do about this?" In my experience (and I apply this to life as well), the solution is generally the opposite of the problem. We can't solve a problem with the same mindset or actions that created it, so here are my five top tips for understanding and optimising your body this winter:

1. Correct Diagnosis

­The most important part of the process is actually not the treatment because if the wrong structure or process is diagnosed, then the protocol that follows will naturally be less than effective. To get the best results, your practitioner must look at and understand the bigger picture of health, and consider all factors that may be contributing before making a firm diagnosis.

2. Customisation ­ of Treatment

Each of us has a different lifestyle, background and pattern, meaning we will react differently. What worked for your family member, friend, neighbour or colleague is irrelevant because that may not actually work for you. We can help you clearly understand your own body pattern, so that you will know what to do and what to avoid doing. Generic advice, treatment or classes are unlikely to lead to the home run most people are hoping for.

3. Education and Ownership ­

For long term success and relief, rather than short term symptom management, I've found it's important to educate my clients about the underlying cause/s of their symptoms and the role they played in helping to create their situation. Only once you understand and accept the situation, can you begin to take steps towards addressing it.

4. Action and Change

­It may sound self explanatory but to get a different result, we must do things differently. This is where change is required to progress! It often means a change of mindset and attitude, to create a new body pattern that actually works for you.

5. A Little Each Day Goes a Long Way ­

Our body and nervous system does not understand the concepts of 'good or bad' or 'right or wrong'. It  simply reflects whatever you do more often than not, these are your patterns. If you want to change a pattern, you should familiarize yourself with the concepts of repetition, frequency, and consistency. 70% of your long­-term success will come down to doing the little things every day differently, and undertaking some regular customized exercises can prevent you from sliding back down the slippery slope. This is where we work as a team- I provide the information and expertise to guide you, and you turn up with intention and willingness to follow through.

If you would like to know more, are interested in finding out your particular body patterns, or would like some customized treatment and exercises then contact me directly on 0275593952.


If you are ready, then I look forward to welcoming you Back To Life.

Brooke Lishman


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