Greg: Winter Wellness and Healthy Immunity

June 19, 2016

With the onslaught of flu season it’s easy to be conditioned to “getting sick” however this usually only affects you when your immunity is low. One of the most powerful ways of keeping your immune system at peak levels is to ensure that you are feeling positive and upbeat. Not always easy in the middle of winter when sunlight is not as strong and long as we experience in summer. Being in sunlight is a natural immune booster. Take advantage of whatever sunlight is available to help you during winter. Our attitude often determines how we feel and it is certainly easier to feel upbeat and good when the Sun is shining brightly. If the outer sunlight is not strong then we can access our own inner “sunlight” through meditation.

In practicing meditation we tap into another level of our Consciousness thatlifts us beyond the worries and concerns of our mind. Once we learn to still our minds and access our Higher Consciousness we allow ourselves to
experience inner peace and freedom from the programming of the mind. From that place of inner peace our body will respond by producing feel good chemicals, which enhance our well being thus supporting our immune function. Stress is one of the great disablers of a healthy immune system.

Breathing properly is another important aspect in helping to feel at peace as often shallow (chest breathers) are feeling stressed on some level. Learning to breathe deeply into the diaphragm will help you to feel better. Yoga
breathing is a really effective way of learning to let go of stress and enhance your health and wellbeing.

Why are some of us more susceptible to becoming unwell? Apart from the obvious low immune systems some people have for various reasons, I believe that there is a body mind link operating that contributes to our health and well being. Deb Schapiro in her wonderful book, “Your Body Speaks Your Mind” says, the word influenza means to “come under the influence of”, implying that someone or something is having a strong influence on you, perhaps making you doubt what you think or feel for yourself. This can undermine your sense of identity or purpose, and you need time to reconnect with your own feelings. Flu sends a clear message that time out is needed. You might need to look at, what psychological or emotional issues have you been repressing? Have you been increasingly intolerant or irritable? What is disturbing you so deeply? These energetic disturbances can undermine your immune function rendering you susceptible to a variety of illnesses.


A powerful way of strengthening your immune system is to love yourself. When you feel love for yourself, your body creates a host of feel good chemicals to flow through your system. Learn to look in the mirror and acknowledge how amazing you are. Don’t believe any voice that tells you otherwise, that is just your programming that your mind buys into. The truth is that you are an incredibly special aspect of creation and when you can feel that, you will learn to love the image reflected in the mirror. No one else on the planet has the qualities that you have. Learn to celebrate your uniqueness and believe in yourself. You will boost your own inner resources and be far less susceptible to any pesky bugs doing the rounds.

Aside from the aspects mentioned already, it is a good practice in winter to add some key natural supplements to support your health and well being. Obviously a good balanced diet of healthy, natural foods, preferably organically grown, will go a long way to keeping you in peak condition but it can be challenging to maintain that at times so a little bit of health insurance through appropriate supplements can be a good thing. Everyone has his or her own personal favourites in terms of supplements but one product I won’t be without over winter is a “Natures Sunshine” product called, “Elderberry Defense”. It is very effective in supporting your immune system and keeping you well. A good quality high dose Vitamin C is important as well. Talk with a good natural health practitioner if you are feeling confused on what is best for you and use your own intuition once you have the information you need to make an informed choice.

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