Maryana: Why see a Holistic Health Coach?

February 23, 2016

It’s typically at this time of year that we begin to question how we feel. We did our New Year resolutions at a time we’re often having a holiday from reality, but as the day-to-day practicalities set back in, despite our best intentions, often so do our habits.

We are the sum total of our choices. How you are right now is merely a snapshot of the choices made to date, and you have the ability to create a different snapshot going forward.  For many of us, it’s not until some type of health crisis occurs that we begin to realize the consequences of our choices and vow to change, but you don’t have to wait for that. It’s all within your reach today.

It can feel overwhelming, but what if taking the first step towards feeling great didn’t have to be a big thing? Most of us already understand the difference between healthy and not so healthy foods, and yet we often revert to familiarity because it helps us feel safe and warm, even when it’s not serving us in any other way. I’ve come to learn feeling good is not just about having the knowledge, it’s taking action and that involves looking at everything in our lives, and understanding why we make the choices we do.


Holistic Health Coaching typically offers guidance, inspiration and motivation to help facilitate healthier habits, by helping you learn new diet and lifestyle strategies and making a series of positive, sustainable changes over. We look at many relevant aspects: relationships, career, finances, physical movement, nutrition, spirituality, attitude and so on.

We help you embrace the opportunity to put yourself first and let go of the things that no longer serve you.  As a result, you are supported to create new habits, regain control over your health and understand what is working for you and what isn’t. The power of every single decision always stays with you. It’s like having someone in your corner, showing you a mirror but also holding your hand.

Basically, you set the goals and we’ll help you come up with strategies to meet them.

There is no calorie counting and no strict plans. You’ll learn to listen to your body and how to feel good in your own skin. My training encompassed over 100 different dietary theories, and I believe in bio-individuality – that is, what makes one person feel fantastic may make another person feel weak, so we have to work together to find something that works to help YOU feel great.

I specialize in gut healing (for allergies, intolerances, eczema, IBS, etc), natural health and living, boosting immunity, helping families adopt more real food into their diets, and empowered decision making when it comes to health – becoming confident to make decisions that feel right for you.

Maryana Lishman

Empowered Kitchen


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February 23, 2016

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