Greg: A New Beginning

February 23, 2016

2016 has arrived and already we are marching into this New Year and have you noticed how quickly it is going? Seems that each year goes faster and faster and before we know it we find ourselves at Christmas yet again.


This is a good time of year to get clear on what we want to achieve during the rest of the year.

No matter what has happened (or not happened) over the previous year we always have an opportunity to reinvent ourselves anew and change course if we are not heading where we would like to be going.


Once we are clear in what we would like to experience moving forward, then we can marshal all of our resources to taking the action required to achieve our dreams, goals and desires. It is vital in creating what we want in our lives that we have absolute clarity about that. I love the old saying. “To get to a place you don’t know where you are going, is as difficult as coming back from a place you have never been” ☺ What that means is unless we are clear in our direction, then we are apt to just wander along seeing where life takes us, without ever arriving at a destination of our choosing. It is imperative in creating a better life for ourselves and our loved ones that we decide what we really want. Most of us are clear in what we don’t want in our lives but attention to what we don’t want tends to create more of that. Where our attention goes, energy flows.


What if 2016 was the year that we all started dreaming bigger (after all, the Universe is a big place.) What if the Universe said, “ Give us a bigger picture. Stop limiting yourself and expand your vision to embrace everything that your Heart really desires.”


Einstein spoke of the Power of our imagination as being one of the most potent and powerful forces that we can harness.  Imagination = imaging in


In using our imagination we are tapping into the right brain creative side, which is limitless in its scope. Most of us are bound by our limited thoughts and belief systems, which keep us experiencing cycles of those old patterns. That is until we decide to change that way of thinking and do life differently. I believe that life is a series of moment-by-moment choices. This is incredibly empowering as if we don’t like what we are experiencing we have the Power to change that ( or if we can’t change our circumstances in that moment we can accept this as being how it is and change the way we think about it .We can then take empowered action to change what we can )


When we feel powerless to change something then this is a good time to start accessing our Inner Self. Called by different names in different traditions (Higher Self ~ Soul etc) at the core of our Self is an aspect that connects us to our Divine Essence (God).   We are conscious of being able to think thoughts and feel emotions and also of our physical body but not everyone is aware that there is an infinite Part of Our Selves that awaits our attention. How do we do that? Meditation is the most effective way of attuning to this part and the Heart is the Key to accessing the Inner Peace and Stillness available in this Divine Connection.  


As we move forward into 2016 and beyond, I feel that our ability to access this Divine Connection is the most important thing we can do if we ever want to be clear of the turmoil and struggle that we all witness around us. If as I know to be true, our inner projection creates our outer reflection then we all need to be clear of our own inner “stuff” to see a better reality in our lives. Quantum Physics shows that nothing exists outside of our selves and what we are programmed with will be outplayed in our lives.


Bummer if we have negative programming. Wonderful when we programme ourselves with positive ~ loving ~ empowering programmes ☺


In my practice as a Transformational Healing Practitioner, I help you to access the most powerful Aspect of yourself and release all of the old outdated, disempowering patterns and programmes that keep you from experiencing the most amazing reality you can conceive in all areas of your life.  In connecting to this part of yourself, you discover the incredible power you have to create the life of your dreams.


This is the Year to totally reclaim your Power and determine the future that you choose to experience.


This is the year of New Beginnings

Greg Villers
Trans Healing


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February 23, 2016

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