"The best body therapist I have ever come across."
Broooke Lishman Integrative Physiotherapist Albany Auckland
"I will be eternally grateful for all the help I’ve received."
"I can't believe how much better my shoulder is. The range of motion has increased >30%"

Find out what makes us so successful at creating lasting changes for our clients.

"I am proud of the results I've been able to facilitate for my clients, and that so many refer my integrative body health clinic onto their colleagues, family and friends because not only did they feel so much better, but they also felt supported to play an active role in their own healing experience. I work hard on educating myself first and then watching people get back to doing all the things they enjoy doing. It really is an incredible opportunity to help get them back to life."

- Brooke Lishman, Founder and Integrative Body Health Specialist


Life is too short to stay stuck. Let's get you aligned to your best self.

I founded Back to Life, Auckland's world-class integrative body therapy clinic in 2012 so I could deliver integrative best practice to achieve lasting results because when we work with our bodies, we really can nurture restoration.

With 15 years experience, I began as a qualified physiotherapist before taking steps to expand my understanding of the human body to develop a more holistic approach that efficiently addresses pain, discomfort, injury and dysfunction. I help go much further than merely temporarily symptoms, enabling you to be pain free (or well on the way towards) while also enjoying more energy, resilience and movement. I spend time to help you understand the role you play in your rehabilitation, and am dedicated to helping you overcome any hurdles to reduce the risk of re-occurence going forward.

During your initial assessment, I'll consider any physical, emotional and lifestyle factors at play to create a tailored holistic treatment plan just for you. You'll get access to my vast education and knowledge which includes  significant international training to be able to facilitate the best possible outcome for you, with education and support at every stage so you can integrate new knowledge into your day-to-day life consistently, because after all you play the most important role in your own recovery.

I can help with any condition or injury and offer incredible value with dedicated parking directly outside the clinic where inside you'll discover a peaceful oasis.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Back to Life Wellness and I look forward to supporting you on your wellness journey.

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Brooke Lishman, BHSc (Physio), Advanced APBCT Practitioner

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