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At Brooke Lishman's groundbreaking integrative physical therapy and wellness clinic, he offers the holistic understanding and tools to discover the root cause of your pain or discomfort and support you with whole body strategies which will help you get back to life, and back to what you enjoy doing.


"I am genuinely proud of the results we've been able to create for our clients, and that many of them keep coming back because they feel listened to and supported while in experienced, professional and compassionate hands - which helps get results. We work hard on educating ourselves and then helping educate you, as we know you play the biggest role in your own wellbeing. We take care to look at the whole person and provide an exceptional service, so you can get back to doing all the things you enjoy. I hope to welcome you Back to Life very soon."

Brooke Lishman | Clinic Founder and Integrative Physiotherapist











Why Us?

We go beyond temporarily managing the symptom/s so that you can expect effective and sustainable results that will enable you to be pain free or be able to better manage your pain, have more energy, cope better with the demands of modern life, reclaim your vitality and return to work or the hobbies and activities you enjoy.

We help our patients understand the role they often play in their own wellness care and are dedicated to helping them overcome their hurdles through our integrative wellness services that include rehabilitation, education and support so that the risk of reoccurence is reduced. We provide a personalised and hands-on combination of integrative physiotherapy, acupuncture, chinese herbal medcine, massage therapy and health coaching to help you get back on track as quickly and effectively as possible, through longer yet affordable consultations.

During your initial wellness assessment, we'll consider any physical, emotional and lifestyle factors at play and create an effective, customised treatment plan. Our clients love our holistic approach, the education we provide and the focus on addressing the root cause. Find out more about the Back to Life experience here.

✓ A personalised and holistic approach that considers the whole body.


✓ Access to highly trained and empathetic professionals whose aim is to facilitate a good outcome for you as quickly as possible.

✓ A team that endeavours to educate you at every stage in the process help you integrate this knowledge into your daily life. After all, you play the most important role in your own recovery!


✓ Help with any condition or injury, with great value for the service we provide.

✓ Dedicated parking outside clinic.


✓ No doctors referral is necessary as we are ACC registered. We also offer private consultations.